Lecture: The Norman Church – Empress Matilda – Henry II – Common Law

No opening joke or story today, we’re just going to dive right into today’s lecture. In the Gregorian Reforms of the Norman Church, all the good jobs went to Normans and Anglo-Saxons. Pope Gregory also wanted to enforce clerical celibacy, so that his priests would stop having kids with non-Normans. Side note: I just watched The […]

Lecture: The Norman Conquest – Feudalism – Norman England – The Norman Church

At this point, William I was well cemented into England as their leader. He felt confident enough about his hold on England that he decided to go back to Normandy for a while. While he was there, he was killed by a stomach wound of some kind, but before he died he had time to appoint […]

Lecture: Late 900s – Late Anglo-Saxon Society

We start off talking about Edgar the Peaceable. Strangely enough, there wasn’t much fighting during his reign. He made the rules the same for all the monasteries in England. Things were going well until he had a child with a woman that was not his wife… I know, crazy how life be. The child’s name was […]

Lecture: Anglo-Saxons II – The Vikings – Alfred the Great

In the 660s, there were 2 styles of Christianity. The Roman style, which was based on towns, being centralized, and organized, and the Anglo style, which was based on monasteries, being decentralized, and disorganized. That was cool, except when Easter came around. Everyone agreed that Easter should be the first Sunday after the first full moon […]

Lecture: Roman Britain II – Anglo-Saxon I

My professor keeps showing us this same picture of a Roman-built villa in Britain. It’s kind of strange actually. Eventually, the people of Britain were like: “we’re paying a lot of taxes to Rome, are we getting our money’s worth?” then they started to say things like: “Maybe we should stop paying taxes and start using that money to […]

Lecture: Roman Britain I

When Caesar came along he was chasing some people that were trying to escape from Gahl. He looked around and was like “well crap… I bet this would be easy to conquer.” So he did. Caesar took over most of Britain very easily, but then the situation in Gahl started going south also I guess there […]

Lecture: Britain Before the Romans

A long time ago, there were Celtic tribes all over the place in Britain. Unfortunately for historians, they were mostly illiterate, so there aren’t many records. This is actually good for me because I can speculate. I’m going to claim that the Celtics had 3 arms up until the Romans got there. When they saw the Caesar […]

Gildas: The Ruin of Britain

Overview This reading kinda just throws you into the middle of whatever this dude was writing about. You figure out pretty quickly that he’s talking about the Saxon invasion of Britain that happened around 450 AD. You also quickly figure out that this document isn’t exactly a neutral one. The author is heavily against the […]

The Making of England: Chapter 1

Celtic and Roman Britain No one knows anything about Britain until the Romans invaded. Stonehenge suggests that they were able to communicate to some degree. Celtic iron working was probably a thing. People mostly lived where they could grow things: the southeast. Later people will like in the southwest because it had large mineral deposits. There were hillforts […]