Medical Preview serves as a reputable source of information about medical products to healthcare professionals.

Our vision is to empower healthcare professionals to improve medical care.

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Why We Care

Healthcare professionals are capable of making intelligent purchasing decisions, and they deserve to be informed. Therefore, we hope to push aside the "dog and pony show" that has been the driving force behind medical product sales and marketing. At the same time, we believe that unbiased product reviews will encourage the manufacturing community to strive toward better products: the end result will be improved products in the hands of capable medical professionals.

As a consequence, we believe that the greatest benefit will be for the patient, who, at the end of the day will benefit most from improvements in medical care.

Our Credibility

Medical Preview relies on a network of healthcare professionals who use the products that they review daily. Our credibility rests with people who give honest opinions and have no financial incentives to review the products they use. Furthermore, it is our strict policy not to accept endorsements of products or free samples from any company whose product we review. This philosophy gives our reviews the creditworthiness that the healthcare community deserves.

How it Works

I'm a healthcare professional

As a healthcare professional, you play the most important part in health care by taking care of patients on a daily basis, and therefore should have the ability directly influence the medical technology that you use. Whether you have a positive or negative opinion about a medical product that you use, we want to hear it. We value your opinions and will make every effort to share your opinions with the manufacturer in order to improve the products that you use.

Our straightforward website allows you to search, review, rate, research and ask questions about products of that are of interest to you. Since we do not accept advertising, your search will be unbiased and free from any marketing gimmicks.

We promise that:

  1. We will never accept paid advertising on our web site.
  2. We will never accept free products for review.
  3. We will never force or influence you to rate or review a product in any particular way.
  4. We will never sell or otherwise distribute your private information (including your email, phone number, etc.) to 3rd parties.
  5. We will make every attempt to verify the authenticity of every individual within our network so you can be certain that every opinion originated from a healthcare professional just like you.
  6. We will always have an open dialogue with you - we're there when you need us.

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I'm a manufacturer/distributor:

Thank you for your interest in having your products listed on Medical Preview. As the manufacturer of medical products, we understand that you always have the end user in mind. Whether the product is in the initial stages of R&D or it has been on the market for years, you are always striving to improve your products. Unfortunately, in today's competitive world, there are forces at work that disrupt innovation. We recognize that these forces not only adversely affect your bottom line, but also cause inefficiencies in the market that drive up the cost of health care and limit access of improved medical technologies to our patients.

Medical Preview is a solution to at least some of your problems: by listing your products on our website, you will allow the end user (the healthcare professional) to review and rate your products on a daily basis. Your products will be evaluated by healthcare professionals who use your products and understand that they play a vital role in improving medical care. We can then pass the information on to you so that you can make informed decisions about the future of your products. Opinions both positive or negative will give you insight into which way the medical community would like you to steer.

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